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"I was brought up in a farming village near the sea, daughter of a father potter, mother teacher.

clay and paint were always the natural parts of my life. After my army service,
I apprenticed with my father potter for some years until I went to Boston
where I worked and studied.

In 1992, I returned to Israel after a stay of three years in Boston. Since then, I have raised my three children (boys).

In 1995, I opened my studio in Moshav Dor where I paint, pot and teach.
Life in the village near the sea, the archeological digs on the nearby hill, my attraction to ethnic and totem art and also my work with children, especially my own children's creativity, all these are a wonderful inspiration for my art.


Kibutz workshop, Tel-Aviv Rafi Mintz - drawing, painting, aquarel, etching.

1982-1983 Moshe Shak - private studio, Kibutz Bet Nir Sculpture 1984 Avik Leveson - pottery studio, Moshav Dor Emphasis on Raku, reduced stoneware.

1985-6 Art teacher's college, Ramat HaSharon drawing, painting, sculpture, history of art Art criticism, with Yair Garbooz, Moti Mizrachi, Itsik Livne.

1986-7 Alima Tel-Aviv, Kibutz Workshop Aquarel and artwork criticism.

1986-7 Itsik Livne - Tel-Aviv Private studio.

1986-7 Yan Reichverger Private studio Jaffa Oil colors.

1987 Tel-Aviv University History of Art.

1989 Fine Art Museum School, Boston Free drawing.

1999 Ceramic Union Firing Workshops at Dead Sea.

Work experience

1984 - Art Camp - Teaching Elementary Schoolchildren.
1987 - Kibutz Nachsolim - Art Workshops for kids.
1985-8 - Private Studio in Moshav Dor and Ein Hod
Teaching wheelthrown pottery Specialisaton in Raku Firing.
1989-91- Own studio in Boston.
1998-9 - Children's Art Workshop.
1996-2006 - Own pottery studio in Moshav Dor Own painting studio.


2009 - Single Show Blue Wilfred Museum, HaZorea

2008 - Single Show - Paintings Metro-Caesarea

2007 - Single Show Paintings Prayers Gallerina Gallery - Bat Shlomo

2006 - Group Show All Religions Festival, Bet HaGefen, Haifa

- Group Show - "Longing" - Haifa Theatre.

2000-1 - Two group shows - Ein Hod Art Gallery.

2001 - Group Show - "Hamsa, Hamsa, Hamsa" simgallery.

1998 - Painting Exhibition - Music and Dance College Mizra.

1991-2 - Group Show Paintings Different Angle Gallery, Boston.

1991-2 - Group Show - Paintings, Boston Symphony Hall.

1991 - Single show - Different Angle Gallery.

1991 - Paintings - Great Neack, NY.

1990 - Winter Group Show - Different Angle Gallery.

1988 Unique Jewellry, Raku Horace Richter Gallery Old Jaffa.

1986 - Group Show for Candidates, Sharret Scolarship
Tel-Aviv Museum - Helena Rubinstein Marquis.

General Remarks

1985 - Awarded scholarship for studying, from Cultural Fund America-Israel.

1990 - Membership in Potter's Union, Israel.

Anat Beger - painter sculpture
Born 1961 , ISRAEL
Tel 972-4-6397350
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